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interior design
"Luxury is care, it's actually making ordinary extraordinary"
- Ilse Crawford
Baiswater apartment
London, UK

Concept & design - Hdesign, Darya Harb
3D design & visualization - Lisa Samokoz & More

We have started from the furniture plan and styles compilation put together by Daria. She managed to capture an English approach to the subject of modern residence perfectly. It is expressed through an incredible blend of tradition and modernity, through passion and proficiency when dealing with materials, and through attention to every detail.
Ultimately, in our interior concept, we wanted to bring out the sense of well-being and care through meticulously picked design elements, material combinations, and aspects. In the living room, we made the television wall more complex and detailed by adding shelves and wood paneling in contrast with neutral wall finish. The smooth lines of the composition arranged from several coffee tables bring softness into the interior.
Each bedroom received its individuality, its unique features. However, none of it makes them feel detached from the general concept of the apartment style. In master bedroom, to dilute neutral tones and create a bit of drama, we added navy blue wall paneling behind the headboard and made an accent on accessories like pillows and throws.
For bathrooms, we used natural marble while picking unique color schemes for each to create the feel that suits the occupants of corresponding rooms.
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