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California Republic & The Bar Upstairs
Opening date: December 20, 2017
Creators: Ihor Tulub, Vladimir Dyatlov, Mykyta Sylin
Ukraine, Nikolayev

Interior design - Nik Kith & More

The concept is built on open communication and multicultural diversity in the state of California.

The building has two floors, both share the same concept but are different in feel. The first floor is formed around an open kitchen that features an architectural resemblance to the English facades in San Francisco. Here guests can be closer not only to each other but also to the cooking process. It creates an atmosphere of openness and accessibility.
Upstairs the cozy atmosphere of the dark hall is interrupted with the brightest element of the interior - the bar. It is a complex concrete structure with warm wooden inserts. Concrete-based stools with leather seats complement the composition. Here, lighting is arranged to play on contrasts. It fills some bright zones with light while leaving other areas more private.
An elaborate combination of seemingly "unmixable" elements and materials creates a complete interior instead of chaos. Graffiti, custom made furniture, and decorations of vivid colors burst into the restrained, deep color base.
The graphic arts have a special place in the design - it not only gives a unique flavor to the interior but also serves as a transition between the floors.
At the beginning of the project, we decided to change the architecture of the building to get a modern facade with large windows. The yellow portal on the facade emphasizes the entrance to the restaurant. The facade is a dark monolith form that makes the building to stand out from the chaos of the street.
Old skateboards became cloth hangers and strong decorative elements.
The interior is full of thoroughly selected, or custom made furniture and decor elements such as the construction of the kitchen (which is a masterpiece itself), concrete-based bar stools, mirrors, sofas, concrete wash basin, partition, etc.
Project VS Reality
We altered the design on the go, some of its parts were left unrealized due to a lack of time, but in general, the realization matches the project.
The idea
It was really hard to catch the first idea of the interior until we made this series of quick sketches, and the one with the yellow facade became the starting point for the design.
We want to thank all people that took part in the project. Guys, just keep doing epic shit!
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