The East, the West and the North

The apartment in which cultures from different parts of the world meet

The East, the West and the North

The apartment in which cultures from different parts of the world meet
Project: The East, the West and the North
Location: Lithuania

Interior designer: Anastasia Novickaya
Curator: Nik Kith
3D visualization: Igor Strelchenko

One day nice people Tomas and Erika came to us with a vision of their apartment: a place where styles and cultures from different ends of the World meet but do not mix. Each room has it's own style.

For the begginning we worked with plan alittle. Since the apartment is designed for two, we decided to remove one bedroom and expand the living room. This gave us some space for a wine cellar, an aquarium, an island element and a stationary table for 6 people. Having refused from a guest bathroom we got a roomy walk-in-closet. And instead of a guest bedroom we made excellent home office for Tomas
The second stage - the style, direction, detail, images research... I must say that our customers helped us alot, they provided us with a collection of interiors and details references, we had just to put it all into a single ensemble. At this stage, we've heard the first "we like it" from our patient clients, and it became clear in which direction to move forward.

For the studio japanese contemporary style was chosen, although it is worth noting that the final result came out very mixed in terms of style clearness. Japanese elements are mixed with Nordic natural materials and very modern Italian furniture, but this probably is the essence of the experiment - to combine the difference.

Ceiling devided a large opened space of the room, in the living room area it is clean with tracks installed (they can be moved and rotated, highlighting the necessary zones and creating different moods), in the kitchen area ceiling rougher and decorated with beams. The central element that separates two zones is a wine cellar with an aquarium. We took care of the possibility of the owners to create a comfortable secluded lounge area, fencing off with decorative screens with Japanese pattern.

Scandinavian style with a little Mediterranean turkish color addition. Light wood, natural textiles, built-in wardrobe - everything is simple and convenient.
Home office

This is a small London office of the Lithuanian programmer. Rough wooden furniture, active wall's and sofa's colors give dynamics to the interior. A large library and a clock with the time of the world capitals tell us alot about the character of the owner.
Bathroom and dressing room

Everything is simple here - clean and pure. Our only intervention is that we replaced rectangular bath tube with an oval detached.
We know the drawings are so boring, so take a look at these wonderful pieces from the working draft.

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