Functionalism and contrast


Functionalism and contrast
Project: Greyscale
Country: Ukraine

Interior designer: Igor Barashko
3D visualization: Igor Barashko
Curator: Nik Kith

Clients, who know exactly what they want in their apartment, became the increasingly frequent in our work. This project is not an exception. We met a young progressive family, appreciating the simplicity, comfort and efficiency of a living area. They picked out their future property with a responsibility: new building near the city center with a good infrastructure, open plan is a half the battle of the future comfortable interior.
We have reached easily the "western" rationalization approach with the help of the open-plan construction of the building. Spacious and bright studio with a kitchen, dining and living areas have been created after removing only a few walls. We have increased a bathroom, kitchen have been increased at the cost of the balcony space, also storage space have been added in the bedroom, and the hall have been made more rational due to space for a sliding-door wardrobe.
The style of the apartment was set by criteria of the "maximum functionality" and "clarity".

We have reached space rationalization approach with the help of the combining the hall, living room and the kitchen in one open-space. We can feel the entire volume and space passing the hall. The head element of this zone is a huge TV screen, most likely, that the family eves will be spending here, that is why it is visible from everywhere. The kitchen has been designed in a such way, that it should not be allocated, it seems like wall continuation.

This room have been stylized in a general apartments style. Minimum of objects and maximum of the open space. We've decided to hide on the commodious loggia the whole "mode of life", to prevent things to be impeded in a daily life.
Kid's room

Storage systems and the universal layout are what does a child need for a beginning.
A child could "revive the room" by posters, drawings and their personal effects by himself; our philosophy is to give a person a functional basis where he/she could build wishful room design.
The space in the room is opened and spacious as much as possible.
Window area with a natural daylight have become a working zone.

Designers managed to get a roomy bathroom due to toilet/bathroom rearrangement and combining. Now we could accommodate not only the bathroom there, but the shower box as well.
Decoration and materials

Apartments materials are pretty simple, but something that cannot be eye tangible can be understandable by "touch". The hole surfaces give pleasant "warm" tactile feels of natural wood, stone and textiles.
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