We want to share with you few principles which will make working with us more easy and will give you a good result in the end.
The most important thing is - always remember that visualization artist is not your designer, he is familiar with the design and architecture, but his task is to create a beautiful image, reveal the emotional part of your project or to explain the idea of the project throug image. Be sure to explain your idea well and to give as complete information as possible.
The best way to start is sending us the AutoCad file with floor plan, ceiling plan, elevations, sections (if needed) etc. By giving us Cad drawings you will save alot of time and you will be safe from our possible mistakes.
Try to pick some references for the final result or mood of the project you want to achieve.
Be sure to give us all necessary information about the furniture, lighting, decorative elements.
Don't forget to mark materials. It's better to have references for all materials and colors
Mark camera views you need on the plan. You will be able to change them during the process, but we would like to know how many views you considering to receive from the start.
You will be able to make corrections after we'll send you first drafts. It's better to make a list of improvements you want. And remember - every correction causes a workday delay to project time frame. So be sure to mention all improvements before sending us.
That's all :)
We hope you will like the result as well as the process of working with us!
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